Scientific Topics

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University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour (UPPA)

Scientific subjet

    • SET-Transfert - A transfer unit in human and social sciences

      For the last year the SET research centre has had a skill transfer unit bringing together geographers, town and country planners and sociologists.
      UPPA has always been at the forefront of partnership-based...

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    • H2020 TERRE - Europe wants to train engineers…sustainably

      The SIAME research centre is taking part in a European training programme for engineers and researchers, concentrating on the development of low-carbon civil engineering structures.
      Mudbricks, concrete...

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    • Recurut – Routes across the Pyrenees

      The ITEM research centre has taken part in a European project aimed at identifying and analysing migratory flows of people and the routes they used on both sides of the Pyrenean frontier between 1930...

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    • UPPA is part of the Géodénergies scientific research group

      Objective: the emergence of industries devoted to carbon-free energy.
      The Géodénergies scientific research group, officially created on the 15th July 2015, brings together ten industrial companies, seven...

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    • HIT2GAP - H2020 – an IT platform for more energy-efficient buildings

      In association with about 20 public and private partners throughout Europe, UPPA’s IT research centre (LIUPPA) is working on the design of an intelligent platform aimed at improving the energy efficiency...

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Scientific Topics

With 23 research units associated with research bodies such as the CNRS, INRA and INRIA, UPPA carries out international scientific research into :

Strategic themes

  • Environment and materials,
  • Geo-resources,
  • Aquatic environments and resources,
  • Justice and territories,
  • Areas, borders and blending.

Transversal multidisciplinary theme :

  • Transitions.


    • A chair to reinvent the city

      Benoît Beckers was recruted by the UPPA in Septembre of 2016. He now directs the new common laboratory Architecture and urban physics located in the ISA-BTP buildings in Anglet.
      Photo credit: Pascal Arnoux...

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    • A new line of research into the right to energy

      Pau Public Law has created a new research programme dedicated to the “right to energy”.

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    • Discovery of a key molecule for staphylococcus aureus

      IPREM researchers contributed to the identification of a new molecule, styphylopine, that could be a target for future treatments against infections by certain pathogenic bacteria.
      Three IPREM researchers...

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    • Dissolved CO2 Pilot

      Social scientists look at the social implications of the "Dissolved CO2" project, a Géodénergie pilot project that stores CO2 underground by dissolving it in water.

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    • Four Carnot Institutes launch Extra&Co to help develop the Extractive and Primary Processing Industries (IEPT)

      The Carnot Institutes, technology-based growth centres
      The Carnot Institutes are public research bodies, certified by the Ministry responsible for research after a highly selective application process...

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