Common labs

Common labs

A common lab for the study of complex matrices


A group of researchers from IPREM and LFCR are part of a new common laboratory, the C2MC (for Molecular Cartographies of Complex Matrices), which is a major step forward in petroleum research. This new structure, nearly the only of its kind in the world, is built on the synergies, in terms of tools and expertise

This partnership aims to establish precise molecular cartographies of fossil and plant raw materials used in refining and petrochemicals.



Architecture and urban physicsA chair to reinvent the city

The UPPA, the technology center Nobatek, the New Aquitaine region and the Agglomération Côte Basque Adour came together to create an "common laboratory", in the form of an academic chair awarded to Benoît Beckers. With a background in physical engineering, and a doctorate from the architecture school of the Polytechnical University of Catalogna, Benoît Beckers directed, for the last eight years, a research team in the "Urban systems engineering" department of the Technological University of Compiègne.


Laboratory for the Study of Rheology and the Adhesion of Medical Adhesives (LERAM)

The physics and chemistry of polymers team of the IPREM and the pharmaceutical URGO have joined forces to create LERAM, or Laboratory for the Study of Rheology and the Adhesion of Medical Adhesives, a common laboratory designed to create innovative products in the area of medical adhesives.

The science of bandages remains rather mysterious because it is very difficult to develop products that respond perfectly to the needs of users. "Bandages are continue to be a very empirical area where there are still a lot of things to invent", explains Christope Derail, from IPREM-EPCP. "It is a huge field of study, because the adherence of each kind of medical tape depends on its use, the kind of care being given, the different pathologies..." Urgo, the leader in France for the care of the feet, the hands and wounds, share this view.

Laboratory for the Thermodynamics of Complex Fluids and their Reserveroirs UMR 5150