ISIFoR: UPPA’s Carnot Institute

 A SIGNIFICANT SUCCESS FOR UPPA: Its Carnot Institute* project has been awarded accreditation by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Within the framework of the “Carnot Institutes” call for projects, UPPA submitted the ISIFoR project (Institute for the Sustainable Engineering of Fossil Resources).

This project brings together a unique combination of skills and resources in the field of Sustainable Engineering of Fossil Resources.

Coordinated by Gilles Pijaudier-Cabot, a lecturer at UPPA, it combines academic and industrial research partners (Total SA and Rhodia) located in France’s South West region (Pau, Bordeaux and Toulouse). The researchers’ skills cover the disciplines of geoscience, mathematics, chemistry and engineering science. They are being allocated to three technological issues, in response to three market challenges: effective use of conventional resources, development of new resources, and controlling the environmental footprint and energy transition. The ambition of ISIFoR is to support firms in maintaining their market competitiveness and in making the transition towards new energy markets.  


 In an international context of increasing energy consumption and a trend towards new energy markets, the two major challenges for France and Europe are the development of responsible engineering for the exploitation of subsurface resources, and a multidisciplinary approach using scientific and technological expertise to prepare for the transition of conventional to renewable energy. 


Holding eighth position in Europe for academic R&D, ISIFoR is 32nd on the world stage due to its scientific output in the field of fossil fuel engineering. In the past five years alone, it has moved up four places on the European level. ISIFoR aims to increase its international visibility by becoming one of the top 10 world players. 

  By reinforcing an ecosystem unique in France in the field of energy and the exploitation of subsurface resources, and by bringing a complementary dimension to the know-how of existing Carnot Institutes, ISIFoR plans to become one of the key players in the development of innovation in the sector of lasting and responsible engineering for fossil fuels at international level, and to play an active part in strengthening France’s leadership in the economic sectors linked to energy.


 * Designed to develop partnership-based research, the Carnot Institute label, which was inspired by the German Fraunhofer institutes, is granted for five years to laboratories that conduct research in partnership with socioeconomic players, chiefly companies. The 34 award-winners receive extra financial support in proportion to their contractual resources.  

ISIFoR technology solutions:


  • 18 June 2012: ISIFoR’s first public meeting for presentations to its future partners, both public and private, from 14:00 to 18:00, in UPPA’s presidency amphitheatre.
  • 3 and 4 October 2012: Carnot meetings in Lyon, R&D meetings with the companies