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TEENA Chair for a smoother transition

Xavier Arnauld de Sartre is the holder of a new senior partnership-based Chair devoted to studying the impacts of the energy transition on the regions and local populations.

Research director at the CNRS and in the PASSAGES laboratory, Xavier Arnauld de Sartre was also appointed as the holder of a senior partnership-based Chair in September 2018, whose members include Total, the Compagnie d’aménagement des coteaux de Gascogne (company for the development of the Gascony hillsides), the pôle Avenia, the BRGM (French bureau of geological and mining research), and the Pau Béarn Pyrénées conurbation. Called TEEN (standing for “the regions in the energy and environmental transitions”), this E2S UPPA Chair is the result of is his relentless work upstream. “The opposition to urbanization and industrial projects is what fueled our approach, and our aim is not only to explain this but also to find solutions,” sums up Xavier Arnauld de Sartre. “The current energy transition is a source of many uncertainties: local authorities lack legitimacy, organizations are sometimes strongly opposed to the transition itself, technologies are not yet sufficiently mature so that they can be used without risk, and so on. All this makes the social tensions in the regions all the more visible.” The disagreements concerning the nuclear waste burial site in Bure is just one example. To lift these restrictions, the researcher is inviting the Chair partners to examine the regional scope of their actions in order to help them better understand what is at stake. For this purpose, Xavier Arnauld de Sartre has the support of a strong team composed of a senior researcher responsible for projects involving local authorities, a junior researcher in charge of subsurface projects, two post-doctoral researchers and three PhD students.

Contact :

xavier.arnauld @ univ-pau.fr