UPPA-Tech: the UPPA’s powerful battery of instruments for the territory

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UPPA-Tech: the UPPA’s powerful battery of instruments for the territory

On 1 January 2018, the “Université de  Pau et des Pays de l’ Adour “has launched its experimental platform called UPPA-Tech. Open to laboratories and companies, UPPA-Tech is composed of several specialized centers, from isotopic analysis to high-resolution 3D imaging.

Headed by Isabelle Le Hécho, UPPA-Tech covers a wide range of analysis and characterization capacities. The aim for the university is to gather a consistent set of equipment in specialized centers, and to group these centers under a single brand name to showcase the instruments available at UPPA.

The priority is not acquiring new equipment but putting forward what already exists, particularly towards our industrial partners.

UPPA-Tech comprises around 20 specialized centers spread across several sites and is backed by recognized scientific and technical competencies. It includes the “Complex Fluid Characterization” technical center which characterizes the behavior of complex oils in reservoirs ; the mass spectrometry center for reactivity and speciation sciences (MARSS), laureate of the Equipex call for projects, with top level instruments (technical equipment : Analysis of surfaces and interfaces, NanoSIMS, HR Multicollector, FTMS Bio cluster) ; the experimental river of the INRA at Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle and the latest-generation imaging center DMEX fitted with two X-ray tomography systems that has been  ISO-9001-certified in 2015.

“... From nanometer to kilometer”

 “The UPPA-Tech platform proposes many and varied facilities” confirms Christophe Derail, Vice-President of UPPA delegated to research partnerships and technological transfer. “Its large range of instruments makes the UPPA-Tech platform one of a kind in Nouvelle Aquitaine and allows us to characterize matter in all its forms and scales, from nanometer to kilometer. UPPA-Tech is intended for the use of major companies as well as SME and SMI requiring cutting-edge equipment.

On the campus of Mont-de-Marsan for example, the “IUT de l’ Adour “ has a hall dedicated to the agri-food sector, which would be of equal interest to a company such as Euralis as to a local producer looking for solutions to manufacture ready-cooked meals or to package products.

Having its own governance and operating mode, UPPA-Tech pools support services between its centers (communication, invoicing, etc.).  While preserving academic research, it also proposes personalized support to private companies such as available equipment, service provision or lifelong training. A “liaison bureau” is also planned to ensure an efficient response to companies’ requirements.

 Thus UPPA-Tech appears as a new tool for innovation and development in its territory.

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