Chairs of Excellence

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Chairs of Excellence

Chair for Geostructure

UPPA-CNRS-Total / 2011-2021

The structural geology chair aims at formalizing the strong collaboration between the academic research and staff of the University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour and the Total research group, in the framework of geosciences research.

Director : Jean-Paul Callot


Chair for Characterization of petroleum systems

UPPA-CNRS / 2012-2017

The Chair was created in September 2012, and aims to investigate mineralogical and geochemical modifications of reservoir rock during the geological history of sedimentary basins. This topic underlies geoscience applications oriented towards the characterization of conventional and unconventional oil and gas reservoirs.

Director : Guilhem Hoareau


Chair for Geomechanics

UPPA-CNRS / 2010-2015

The geomechanics chair is focused on porous materials and particularly on the multi-physics couplings appearing at the small scale, but with significant consequences at the large scale of a structure or a reservoir.

Director : David Grégoire


Chair for X-ray imaging

UPPA-CNRS-Total / 2014-2019.

The Chair was created in June 2014 and aims to investigate multiphase flow in porous media

Director : Peter Moonen


OPTIMA chairBusiness administration and loal management innovation


This observatory of Business Administration and Local Management Innovation connects local authorities (elected officials and civil servants), academics specialized in local government management and the public and private partners of local government.

Director : David Carassus


Chair for Sustainable construction

Nobatek-INEF4 – UPPA / 2016

The UPPA, the technology center Nobatek, the New Aquitaine region and the Agglomération Côte Basque Adour came together to create an "common laboratory", in the form of an academic chair awarded to Benoît Beckers.

Director : Benoit Beckers


Chair for Numerical Analysis

UPPA-Inria / 2010-2015

The team Magique 3D is specialized in the numerical solution of wave propagation phenomena. A specificity of this field is that very small geometrical details (small defects or small acoustic devices) can have an important impact on physical phenomena.

Director : Sébastien Tordeux