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IXIAA comprehensive service offer

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and the UPPA are investing to create the IXIA platform (X-ray tomography, ionic sensors and laser ablation).

The study of matter to understand its properties requires the development of new analysis strategies based on multi-scale and multidisciplinary approaches. In this respect, the aim of IXIA is to federate high-level experimental competencies in association with three existing platforms: the I3 platform - particularly its centers of expertise on the analysis of trace metals by laser ablation (PAMAL) and NanoSIMS imaging in cooperation with the MARSS team - the “Characterization of surfaces and interfaces” platform and the DMEX platform. “The equipment and the fact that it is located on just one site - the Pau campus of the UPPA - makes our offer unique, not only in France but in Europe too,” says Peter Moonen, Manager of DMEX, enthusiastically.

By coupling multi-scale imaging with the quantitative analysis of organic and inorganic products, IXIA strives to meet the needs of researchers and private partners in terms of imaging, dating and traceability. The platform will be of interest to a wide variety of sectors including energy, the environment, archeology, oil & gas exploration, petrochemicals, anti-counterfeiting, biology and biomedicine, surface treatment and food processing.

Contact :

peter.moonen @ univ-pau.fr