“Adapting coastal, forest and mountain ecosystems to make them more resilient” Mission

The mission “Resilience and adaptation of the coastal, forest and mountain ecosystems” is composed of several autonomous research projects/programmes that contribute to generating knowledge and know-how in the following areas :

  • Protection of the littoral with regard to severe hazards
  • Tracking new pollutants (including viruses) and adapting infrastructures
  • Plastic debris in marine enviroment
  • Statistical and probabilistic methods for environmental surveys

These autonomous programmes are supported by 4 high-level Master's degrees.

Several teams are involved in this theme:

1 international lab

  • LIA - MacLife
    In association with INRAE / UPPA / University of Berkley / University of the Basque Country


1 common lab


1 maturation project

    Development of a biosensor for the detection of pesticides - C. Parat