Scientific and technical culture

Promoting scientific and technical culture

As part of its "Scientific and Technical Culture" mission, the University organises and actively participates in events designed to promote science to the general public and schoolchildren.

The missions of the "Scientific and Technical Culture" are as follows

  • To promote scientific and technical culture by organising scientific and technical culture events at UPPA or outside: animations, exhibitions, science cafés and conferences, thematic and exceptional events (Fête de la science, World Years...).

  • To advise and help teachers-researchers, staff, students and student associations to carry out their projects in the field of scientific activities within the framework of the STC mission.

  • Develop collaborations and coordinate actions with partners (associations, media library network, etc.).

  • Ensuring the dissemination of news of events on the website and the mailing lists of students, staff, external subscribers and possibly schools (schools, colleges, high schools). Broadcasting on the mission's Twitter account.
  • Act as a relay between the public or external structures (schools, media libraries, science cafés, associations, etc.) and the teacher-researchers, for interventions.

  • Develop the preservation of scientific heritage (old equipment, collections and intangible heritage) and enhance this heritage (showcase exhibitions, virtual showcase).

For this purpose, a project manager is appointed by the President of the University.

Project manager : Clovis Darrigan, Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry.
Contact: dcst-contact @