HAL e2s UPPA : the open archive platform of UPPAThe University promotes the scientific production of its researchers

The University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour opened its HAL portal in 2018. This portal promotes the scientific production of its researchers by ensuring its wide dissemination. Access to the documentation is free for all.

HAL is a multidisciplinary open archive created in 2001 by the Centre pour la Communication Scientifique et Directe (CCSD) of the CNRS. Since 2013, HAL is the national platform for the deposit and dissemination of scientific articles at research level. UPPA opened its portal in November 2018.

Thanks to the HAL e2s UPPA portal, the institution's scientific production is widely disseminated and permanently stored in the Cines warehouses. Its access is free and accessible to all. The deposit of the full text in HAL allows to make it more visible, therefore more read and more quoted.

Moreover, HAL allows to answer the obligations of diffusion in open access of the articles within the framework of the researches financed by organizations and public agencies as the ANR.

The HAL e2s UPPA portal in some figures (data of 28/09/2021) :

  • 31,400 references
  • 6,500 source documents deposited
  • 25 laboratory collections
  • 130,050 visits/year
  • 55 330 file downloads