UPPA Tech: Instrument Service Centre

UPPA Tech: Instrument Service Centre

The University of Pau and the Pays de l'Adour has a high-level scientific experimental platform called "UPPA-Tech". Open to laboratories and companies, UPPA-Tech brings together all the instrumental power available in the university's research laboratories.

In 2018, UPPA created an experimental platform called UPPA-Tech. Coordinated by Isabelle Le Hécho, UPPA-Tech covers a wide range of analysis and characterisation capabilities. The aim for the university is to gather a consistent set of equipment in specialized centers, and to group these centers under a single brand name to showcase the instruments available at UPPA.

The priority is not acquiring new equipment but putting forward what already exists, particularly towards our industrial partners.

UPPA-Tech comprises 18 specialized centers spread across several sites and is backed by recognized scientific and technical competencies.

Contact : uppatech @ univ-pau.fr -Web site