Honours and awards

Honours and awardsawarded to UPPA teacher-researchers (since 2017)

Céline Perlot-Bascoulès, 2021 laureate of the Institut Universitaire de France as a junior member, for innovation.

Prize of the Academy of Sciences

  • Gilles Pijaudier-Cabot, teacher-researcher at the LFCR, winner of the Dolomieu Prize, a prize founded by the BRGM (2019).

Election to the French Academy of Science, Chemistry section

Appointments to the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF)

  • Isabelle Chort, professor at the CATT, laureate 2019 of the Institut Universitaire de France as a Junior Member.

  • Céline Perlot-Bascoulès, lecturer at ISA BTP, 2021 laureate of the Institut Universitaire de France as a junior member, for innovation.

Medals from the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research)

  • Bronze Medal: Hannelore Derluyn, LFCR, 2021
  • Crystal Medal: Sophie Hontebeyrie, LMAP, 2021
  • Crystal Medal: Christophe Pecheyran, IPREM, 2017

The Crystal Medal is awarded to women and men, research support staff, who through their creativity, technical mastery and sense of innovation, contribute alongside researchers to the advancement of knowledge and to the excellence of French research.

Bourse Fulbright

Bourse ERC Starting Grant

National or international awards


  • Lucie Marandel, "Prix Laurier INRAE: Espoir scientifique" for his work on nutrient-induced epigenetic regulation in rainbow trout.
  • Thomas Bernet, Prix "2020 Molecular Physics Early Career Researcher Prizes" pour l'article de sa thèse : "A 3D non-local density functional theory for any pore geometry" Molecular Physics 118 (9-10), Article: e1767308

  • Laurent Billon, Academic Prize of the Cosmetic Valley competitiveness cluster: for his project on bio-inspired microgels


  • Maud Save, distinguished by the journal Polymer Chemistry as a "Pioneering Investigator 2019"


  • Lindley Prize awarded to Benoît Liquet (IPRA-LMAP/UPPA), Kerrie Mengersen (E2S International Chair UPPA/Queensland University of Technology)
  • Alfred Dutens Medal : Valérie Fasseur, ALTER
  • David Diop, Goncourt des lycéens for his novel Frère d'âme