2018-01 LCR SAGE: a common laboratory with the CEA

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Skills and expertise

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LCR SAGE: a common laboratory with the CEA

UPPA and the CEA have created an official research laboratory for Applied Sciences in Electrical Engineering devoted to studies on pulsed power systems.


The SIAME is the only French university laboratory working on pulsed power systems. The technology consists in accumulating a certain quantity of energy over a relatively long period then in releasing it very rapidly.

Using a constant energy source, the aim is to amplify electrical power by compressing the time variable. The electrical engineering team of the SIAME has acquired recognized know-how in the fields of power switching, development of innovative amplifying structures, pulse shaping and pulse metrology.

In this respect, for the past few years, researchers in Pau have been working with the Gramat (LMFP and LDRX) and CESTA (LHPP) centers that come under the Military Application Division of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).

Among the dozen projects carried out since 2007, the SIAME and the CEA have developed an autonomous system that can be embedded on a drone designed to remotely disrupt electrical systems.

Creation of the SAGE (Applied Sciences in Electrical Engineering), an open-plan research laboratory, on November 27, 2017, is the tangible expression of our common commitment to strengthening this scientific partnership and making it sustainable. The SAGE lab is home to around 20 researchers and will be run by Laurent Pécastaing, Deputy Manager of the SIAME, for five years.

It is the fifth shared laboratory of the UPPA who already has two with TOTAL, one with Urgo and one with Nobatek-INEF4.

laurent.pecastaing @ univ-pau.fr