“Organizing energy subsidiarity at the territorial scale” Mission

The “Organising energy subsidiarity at territorial level” interdisciplinary mission is composed of several autonomous research projects/programmes that contribute to the production of knowledge and know-how in the following areas :

  • Data management for distributed energy systems
  • Managing existing georesource
  • Bio-inspiration (solar fuel generation)
  • Toward new regulations for energy
  • Storing energy and carbon dioxyde
  • Producing and distributing biogas and hydrogen
  • Developping new batteries and new materials for energy conversion

These stand-alone programmes are supported by 9 high-level masters programmes.

Several teams are involved in this theme:

2 common labs


5 scientific challenges

  • BISE2
    Business Information System for Energy and Environment solutions - Richard Chbeir

  • BioCAD
    Study of BioChar derived from solid digestate anaerobic digestion (methanisation) for biogas treatment and air treatment by ADsorption - Cécile Hort


2 maturation projects

  • PRE-PZE: PRE-industrialisation of a new PieZoelectric device - R. Hiorns
  • PIROETT: Absorbent polymers in the Infra-Red for electronic organic - C. Dagron