PEPITE ECA, Entrepreneurial Spirit of Excellence

PEPITE ECAEntrepreneurial Spirit of Excellence

PEPITE are the "Student centres for innovation, transfer and entrepreneurship". Their mission is to raise awareness, initiate and support young people in their desire to become entrepreneurs. PEPITE is labelled by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation as a reference centre for the support and training of students and young graduates who wish to carry out their business creation projects. There are about thirty clusters in France.

Within the framework of the E2S UPPA programme, and in partnership with PEPITE ECA (Pôle PEPITE d'Aquitaine), a complete system has been set up for the students and young graduates of UPPA.

The objectives are to encourage the emergence of an idea, to allow future entrepreneurs to develop it further and to provide them with all the tools necessary to make it a reality, thanks in particular to targeted collaborations.