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International Chair in electrical engineeringInterview with Professor Bucur Novac

Professor of High Pulsed Power at Loughborough University (Great Britain), at the head of the Plasma and Pulsed Power Group (P3G), Bucur Novac is also the director of the international Chair in electrical engineering of the UPPA.

How did you find out about the UPPA?

The partnership between the P3G group of Loughborough University and the UPPA’s research team on high pulsed powers at the IPRA-SIAME laboratory is a long-standing one and has been very fruitful in the past. We have published many co-authored articles in renowned international reviews and have often given joint presentations of our work at the best conferences in our field.

Tell us about your international Chair in electrical engineering...

The main objective is to help the active team of the UPPA to carry out research work in the two fields related to the possible applications of high pulsed power: first, the treatment of cancer using non-invasive pulsed electric field techniques, and second the electric fracturing of solid rocks in the areas of mining and geology. The team includes UPPA researchers, as well as three PhD students and five postdoctoral fellows I will be supervising. We have great ambitions. Our main goal is to make discoveries and extend knowledge well beyond the current state-of-the-art worldwide.

What are the benefits of the Chair with regard to your own research work?

My group, P3G, has long been in close contact with Laurent Pecastaing's team in Pau. In fact, this is the reason why both teams have been collaborating for several years to study non-invasive pulsed electric field methods applied to agriculture, food industry, and health. In my view, this Chair was created just at the right time. It will enable us to combine our efforts to take developments further and to better integrate the studies of our respective research groups. The PhD students of the UPPA will certainly have the opportunity to come and work at Loughborough University. Likewise, some of my students will also have the chance to come and work in Pau, and perhaps taste some of the incredible food and wine the region has to offer!


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