H2020 projects

H2020 projectsThe University coordinated 32 projects over the period 2014-2020

Horizon 2020 is a European programme for research and development for the period 2014-2020.

During this period, the University coordinated 32 projects responding to the three priorities of the programme:

  • Scientific excellence: raising Europe's level of scientific excellence.
  • Industrial leadership: to contribute to the competitiveness of European enterprises.
  • Societal challenges: to address the societal challenges facing Europe.


Projects starting in 2020


MERFISHHealth-benefit understanding of mercury-selenium interactions from fish to humanZ. PedreroIPREMHealth, environment
BIOMICBioindicadores microbianos y tróficos del estado ecológico
del ecosistema de la zona costera del SUDOE
C. Cravo LaureauIPREMEnvironment, coastline
Intel-IrrisIntelligent Irrigation System for Low-cost Autonomous Water Control
in Small-scale Agriculture
C. PhamLIUPPAAgriculture, Climate change mitigation, Internet of Things, AI


Projects starting in 2019


AQUACOSMNetwork of Leading European AQUAtic MesoCOSM Facilities Connecting Mountains to Oceans from the Arctic to the MediterraneanE. ProvostECOBIOP/INRAEnvironment
EURADEuropean Joint Programme on Radioactive Waste ManagementE. AhusbordeLMAP /InriaRadioactive waste management
PIXILPyrenees Imaging eXperience: an InternationaL networkJ. DiazLMAPseismic imaging for geothermal energy, R&D, Energy
REVALPET UPRevalorisation des déchets de PET opaque en matériaux à haute valeur ajoutéeS. DagreouIPREMInnovation / Technology / R&D
CRYSTINARTCRYstallization damage at the INterfaces of ARTworksH. DerluynLFCRmaterials, composite, interfaces, crystallization, damage
EDENEEuropean Doctoral porgramme on Energy and EnvironmentG. CarbouCollège des EDTraining / Energy / Environment
BENEFICCEBioENErgy from biomass and bio-oil Fermentation using mIcrobial Communities to produce
Chemicals and Enzymes
R. DuranIPREMEnvironment


Projects starting in 2018







PotaoeMETAbiomeHarnessing the potato-microbiome interactions for development of sustainable breeding and production strategiesE. AttardIPREMSustainable agriculture, chimie
PRD-TRIGGERPrecipitation triggered rock dynamics: the missing mesoscopic linkH. DerluynLFCRCivil engineering, architecture, maritime/hydraulic engineering, geotechnics, waste treatment, Chemical engineering, technical chemistry


Projects starting in 2017


ESCALEDEuropean School on Artificial Leaf : Electrodes DevicesL. BILLONIPREM-EPCPMacromolecular chemistry / energy / materials
AQUASALTAgriculture effects on inland saline water bodies and on lake/laguna hydrological complexesR DuranIPREM/EEMEnvironment, climate, agriculture, sustainable development





Projects starting in 2016


DBSDes taches de sang séchées (DBS) pour l'analyse non invasive et le diagnostic précoce des maladies raresC.PecheyranIPREM/ECABIE/CNRSHealth
OUTBIOTICSTechnologies innovatrices pour le diagnostic, la prévention et l’élimination des
polluants émergents (antibiotiques) dans les eaux du territoire POCTEFA


Projects starting in 2015


SOPRANOSoot Processes and Radiation in Aeronautical inNOvative combustorsR. ManceauIPRA -LMAPAeronautics / Low emission technology
REVALPETRecyclage et régénération de bouteilles de lait en matériaux innovantsS. DagreouIPREM-EPCPEconomic development
FOODYPLASTEco-friendly and healthy Food plastic packagingA. Allal IPREM-EPCPAgri-food / economic development










Projects starting in 2014


NAIADESNa-Ion bAttery Demonstration for Electric StorageR. Dedryvere IPREMEnery
SAS-MEMModeling and Design Strategy of New Polymer Self-assemblies for Functional Membranes.O. Borisov IPREMMaterials science, nanotechnology
DEWDetachment of water: Light triggered water droplet release from biomimetic honeycombstructured
polymer surfaces
L. BillonIPREMMacro molecular chemistry / Polymers
HELISHigh energy lithium sulphur cells and batteriesR.Dedryvere IPREMEnergy