EDENE PhD Students Testimonies

EDENE PhD Students Testimonies

Why choose UPPA and EDENE? Testimonials from EDENE fellows


Mohamed ROZKI from Marocco, EDENE COHORT#1, SIAME, Anglet, with supervisors Stéphane Abadie and Denis Morichon

France is one of the pioneers in scientific research, as demonstrated by the various scientific publications and patents produced each year. The EDENE program allows not only to finance the thesis project but also to have a personalized follow-up of the work progress and the successful completion of the research process.

My research project on coastal risk issues is not only exciting but is conducted in ideal conditions where cutting-edge experimental equipment is available in addition to supervision by top researchers in the field.


Giovana Miti AIBARA PASCHOAL from Brasil, EDENE COHORT#1, IPREM, Pau, with supervisors Roger Hiorns and Didier Bégué

There are two important decisions since you choose to do a PhD research: where to do it and with who!
About the first point, France is a beautiful country and gives the best quality of life (even for foreigners).

Also, UPPA allows you to do a complete PhD formation, with all the support students need (doctoral trainings, language courses, entertainment, housing, health care...). Finally, being part of EDENE programme, you can have an amazing professional and personal experience! I'm really glad to do my doctoral studies at UPPA because I couldn't imagine myself doing PhD in a high-level research center in Europe and EDENE programme made it come true.


Andrew WILSON from Ghana, EDENE COHORT#1, LFCR, Anglet, with supervirors David Grégoire


Unlike elsewhere, PhDs in France are mostly funded and this allows the student to focus fully on his or her research instead of finding extra activities to survive financially during their PhD. Specificaly to the EDENE program, this funding is special because the progress of each student is tracked with constant advice and there is the linketween individual PhD projects and industry. 

I am happy and will recommend every student to have their PhD here because of the constant support the student will get from both the UPPA and the EDENE management Team. There are up to date equipment to explore scientific principles which makes research in UPPA and in France very interesting and fun.



Luanna MOURA from Brasil, EDENE COHORT#1, IPREM, Mont de Marsan, with supervirors Eduardo Robles Bertrand Charrier


From where I came, Ph.D. students face many challenges besides their own thesis, such as low salaries, poor infrastructure, and finding a job after the PH.D. conclusion. Here in France, I found the appropriate support to follow my research. Another positive point is that here Ph.D. is taken as a good complement to your formation and it is applicable to private and public sectors. Meaning that after my defense, I have a higher chance of finding a job in my area.

The cultural shock can be scary and become a problem, so it is important to take this into account before signing up for a 3 years project far away from home. In this matter, EDENE came as the perfect fit for my needs. It is a friendly environment where other people face the same challenges as me. The group is multicultural and I can find comfort in exchanging my daily challenges. It is also a perfect space to share my small victories and observe my long-term progress. EDENE managing team is very close to me, and I can reach them and share any struggle. They try very hard to help. They are focus in my success and this has been transparent since I started here. I highly recommend EDENE program as the perfect opportunity to start in a new place with a new culture, because they help you to feel part of the society faster than when you are by your own.


I was looking for a Ph.D. project that I believed, and EDENE gave me this opportunity. I was allowed to write a project I like very much. The infrastructure provided is compatible with my needs. The size of the city I live is great for my needs. I can walk to my work, and this gives me much joy, I consider it life quality. French people take the work-life balance seriously and this is exactly what I want in my life. The culture is rich which makes learning French very interesting. The perspectives for my future are many and this gives me extra happiness.


              I am very cautious in recommending people to pursue a Ph.D. project. However, once the person is determined to follow this path, I always pitch for doing it with EDENE. The intention of the program gives all we need to thrive in our research. They also provide interaction with private companies. Showing the possibilities besides academia. The region where the University is inserted is very friendly to foreigners. For me, it has been I great experience so far. I feel connected and bonded in my work space with my colleagues.


Rongquan HE from China, EDENE COHORT#2, LMAP/LFCR, Pau, with supervisors Brahim Amaziane and Guillaume Galliéro

I recommend to do a PhD in France at UPPA, and to join the EDENE programme because the research topics are multidisciplinary and relevant for the future society, the supervisors are professional and friendly, and the working environment is collaborative and international. I therefore recommend people who are passionate about energy and environmental research topics to apply to EDENE because of its very nice and friendly people, beautiful and splendid nature, simple and happy life here in Pau.