STORE-EX ProjectAccredited as a laboratory of excellence for electrochemical power storage"

On Friday 25 March 2011 the French government awarded accreditation to around a hundred research projects in the context of investing in the future. The Store-ex project, a high-quality laboratory researching electrochemical power storage, has just received this accreditation.

Store-ex is a genuine network of integrated research on complex systems such as batteries, encompassing France’s seven most important research teams in the field (accounting for 70% of research on lithium batteries and supercapacitors). 

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Tackle the scientific challenges currently limiting progress in the field of electrochemical power storage, such as materials and their characterisation;
  • Understand and explore phenomena which future advances in research on batteries and supercapacitors may have to contend with;
  • Step up research and development of new sustainable electrochemical systems beyond lithium-ion.

IPREM’s physical chemistry team in Pau

Ms.Danielle Gonbeau (danielle.gonbeau @ is the coordinator of this project within IPREM’s physical chemistry team.