Christophe Pécheyran, winner of the CNRS crystal medal

On November 23, 2017 the CNRS awarded a crystal medal to Christophe Pécheyran, research engineer at the IPREM.

A qualified physicist and chemist, Christophe Pécheyran joined the CNRS in 1999 and is a first-rate research engineer at the French Institute of Analytical Sciences and Physico-Chemistry for  Environment and Materials (IPREM).

He is known for significant progresses in the sampling and analysis of the chemical forms of metals in the atmosphere and in the inorganic analysis of oil & gas products. He is currently developing high-repetition-rate short-pulse analytical lasers (around one femtosecond) as well as methods for performing simultaneous high-sensitivity analyses of several elements and their isotopes.

Christophe Pécheyran has register four patents and developed two new generations of analytical lasers in power and frequency domains that have been very little used until now.

These new lasers enabled him to create a high-performance analysis platform in 2010 covering applications ranging from archeology to the fight against counterfeiting.

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