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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of the UPPA's governance actors, namely the President and the Director General of Services who oversee the institution's overall strategy. It was also important to involve our statutory Vice Presidents and our Delegate VPs of Research, Teaching, Operations, Human Resources, Research Partnerships and Transfer of Technologies, and International Relations as key players in the implementation of this strategy, one of the axes of which is the HRS4R accreditation. The Directors of the three Colleges participated in the Committee to relay the approach and validate its feasibility within their respective entities. As our institution has received the I-SITE accreditation with its flagship project E2S UPPA, the Executive Director of the project brought his support to the HRS4R accreditation process and ensured the coherence of the two processes. All of these actors belong to the university’s corps of Teacher-Researchers.

Given the nature of the project, the participation of representatives of the UPPA’s administrations was invaluable: the Directors of Human Resources, of Research and Valorization, and of Operations, Support and Ongoing Improvement all contributed their technical expertise.

The Steering Committee composed of the aforementioned actors is in charge of defining the broad outlines of the HRS4R project methodology. It then studies and validates each step of the HRS4R project led by the Operational Committee and the Contributors who are representative of the research community at large.




Management line/ Department

AMARA Mohamed

R4 – University President



R4 – Delegate Vice President of Operations

University Professor, STEE College / Directorate of Operations, Support and Ongoing Improvement


R4 – Vice President of Research

University Professor, STEE College / Research and Valorization Directorate


R3 – Delegate Vice President of Human Resources

Senior Lecturer, STEE College / Human Resources Directorate


ADM – Quality Project Manager

Part-time Associate Professor, STEE College

LECUCQ Olivier

R4 – Vice President of the Board of Directors

University Professor, SSH College


R4 – Delegate Vice President of International Relations

University Professor, STEE College

DERAIL Christophe

R4 – Delegate Vice President of Research Partnerships and Transfer of Technologies

University Professor, STEE College

TESSON Frédéric

R4 – Vice President of the Commission on Academics and University Life (CFVU)

University Professor, SSH College

BORDES Laurent

R4 – STEE College Director

University Professor, STEE College

REY Serge

R4 – SSH College Director

University Professor, SSH College

ZAVOLI Philippe

R3 – EEI College Director

Senior Lecturer, EEI College


ADM – Director General of Services (DGS)

General Services Directorate



R4 – E2S UPPA Executive Director

University Professor, STEE College

BERTIN Marie-Pierre

ADM – Director of Operations, Support and Ongoing Improvement (DPAAC)

General Services Directorate


ADM – Director of Human Resources (DRH)

General Services Directorate


ADM – Research and Valorization Director (DRV)

General Services Directorate


Methodology of work

  • 1st meeting (March 2019) to present the HRS4R accreditation and its stakes, consideration of the commitment within the context of the UPPA 

  • 2nd meeting (May 2019) to define the project leaders, i.e. political and operational leaders

  • 3rd meeting (July 2019) to validate the commitment to the process

  • 4th meeting (November 2019) to present and validate the GAP-analysis

  • 5th meeting (January 2020) to validate the HR strategy and the deployment of the Action Plan

  • (ongoing) Presentations in meetings of university bodies where research actors are present.